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Summertime by I J Nickson

As July approached eight year old Alfie was planning his summer holiday activities.

Swimming at the YMCA, picnics in the park, water-skiing at the water park in Sale and playing with his friends. However, he had to think carefully how to convince his Mum and Dad that it was their idea.

Mum arranged their summer holiday, as a family to Cornwall with Alfie’s older sisters and baby brother. They always went away for the first two weeks in August. Dad drove their car with his grandma’s touring caravan attached while granny and grandpa went in their own car.

So Alfie thought carefully and over tea the week before school finished for the summer he put his plan into action. ‘Mum, Ben and Becky are joining the swimming camp at the YMCA and Ben says his Mum will take me too if you want her too. Fish fingers! My favourite!’ Alfie said. At Breakfast the next morning Alfie asked his Dad, ‘can we go to the park for a picnic when school finishes? It would be great to have a game football and play with Archie on the swings.’ After school that day Alfie told his older sisters that the Dad of his friends Ben and Becky was taking their brother Jack to Sale Water Park to play on his new Jet Ski. Amazingly Alfie heard one of his sister’s discussing with her Mum that her friend Jack had a new jet ski and it would be fun to go to the water park this summer. Alfie smiled to himself. His plan was beginning to take shape.

After tea that night his Dad announced that he had decided to take some holidays from work the day after they had finished school for the summer. They could have a long weekend from Friday to Monday. Maybe they could go for a picnic in the park and play football with the kids? Mum smiled and agreed that was a good idea. Then the phone rang and Mum’s best friend Tracey asked if Alfie would like to go to swimming camp with Ben and Becky.

Alfie’s plan was complete. He would attend the swimming camp, go for picnics and visit the water parks. Alfie smiled to himself his summer holiday.