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The Handbook has generated a great response from the people I most want to attract, local customers. Being based in, and from Sale, the Handbook gives me the perfect opportunity to advertise my services to the local community.

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We aim to take photographs of all the local events and activities in our community. Some readers have kindly sent in pictures of their holidays which you may enjoy viewing as well.

The Altrincham Festival took place in July and our photographer was there to capture the days festivities.

All of the pictures have been uploaded onto our website and are available to download free of charge.

All of our pictures are available to download for free.

Every Month..


“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” – Doug Larson

The word ‘March’ comes from the Roman ‘Martius’. This was originally the first month of the Roman calendar and was named after Mars, the god of war. March was the beginning of our calendar year. We changed to the Gregorian calendar in 1752, and it is only since then that the year began on 1st January.

We kick start the month off with St David’s Day on the 1st March followed closely by St Pirans Day on 5th March. You might not have heard of St Piran, never mind St Piran’s Day, but this figure is central to the culture and identity of Cornwall, who hold him up as their patron saint and he’s also the patron saint of tin miners, who flocked to the south-west county to discover this naturally abundant metal.

Mothering Sunday, now synonymous with Mother’s Day, takes place this year on the 11th of March. This is a day that celebrates motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mother’s in our society.

The much celebrated St Patricks’ Day is on the 17th March. St Patrick’s Day is an Irish public holiday and the Guinness breweries dream. It is a global celebration with major cities such as Dublin and New York holding parades, which attract over one
million visitors.

Last, and by no means least, we have Palm Sunday, when the clocks spring forward 1 hour, followed by Maunday Thursday and Good Friday, to finish off a very busy month.

I hope you have a wonderful March and enjoy all the various events.

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